New York City Traffic Deaths Fall to Record Low Under Safety Program

Vision Zero is a safety program that is being credited for drastically reducing traffic fatalities in New York State over the past 4 years.

How does it work? With lower speed limits, increased use of speed cameras, tougher enforcement and improved street design.  The program also implements “high profile ticketing campaigns” although it is unclear what this actually means.

What have the results been? According to “the most striking decline was in the number of pedestrian casualties, which fell 32 percent last year to 101, and for the first time comprise less than half of the city’s overall traffic fatalities. Since 2013, pedestrian deaths have fallen by 45 percent.”

How does this initiative affect you and the way you drive?  Does knowing a red light camera exists at a certain corner make you adjust how you drive through that intersection?  Please contact me at if you have an comments or questions.

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