NY DMV First In Nation To Use New Technology To Cut Down On Underage Drinking

Too many of my cases involve underage drinkers using fake ID's...

Law ID, a new smartphone app, allows DMV Investigators to scan a license and instantly verify if it is authentic or not by matching it against driving records from all 50 states.

New York is the first state in the nation to pilot the program, and DMV investigators are scheduled to be available at concerts and bars across the state to check IDs and prevent minors from purchasing alcohol.

Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that "Underage drinking can lead to bad decisions and situations with potentially lifelong consequences.  I'm proud to launch this new pilot program that will aid in our efforts to crack down on this reckless and dangerous behavior" keeping potentially dangerous drivers off the roads and making it safer for all who use them.

Please make sure you talk to your teens about the new program.