NY State DOT Reminds Drivers to Move Over for Emergency Vehicles

New York’s “Move Over” Law requires cars to move over, if they can safely do so, for police, firefighters, ambulance workers, tow-truck drivers and other personnel as they work at crash scenes. Motorists are similarly required to move when construction and maintenance vehicles are stopped alongside roads.

Since the law was first enacted in 2011, almost 107,000 people have been ticketed for failing to move over. So far in 2018, 12,775 tickets have been issued.

The penalty for violating the Move Over law is a fine of up to $150, or jail time of up to 15 days, or both. It also counts for 2 points on a driver license.

Police officers take this violation very seriously, and you should too, as a high percentage of my clients have received tickets for failing to “Move Over”.

Be smart and be safe on the roads.