NYC Gridlock Alert Days 2018

Did you know the term “gridlock” was first coined in NYC?

To help ease the pain, the New York City Department of Transportation has identified 16 days during the UN General Assembly and into the holiday season when New York City traffic is expected to be extra worse on city streets.

UN General Assembly? Yup. Turns out when the UN General Assembly is in session, drivers can expect to see Midtown travel times up to three times longer than usual for that weekday. And for the holiday Gridlock Alert Days, Midtown traffic is expected to take twice as long as on a typical day.

The newly designated Gridlock Alert Days 2018 are:

Monday, September 24
Tuesday, September 25
Wednesday, September 26
Thursday, September 27
Friday, September 28
Saturday, September 29
Sunday, September 30
Monday, October 1

Drivers will also want to try to avoid New York City traffic on these holiday Gridlock Alert Days, as well:

November 16, 21, 28
December 7, 12-14, 19-21

Make sure to mark your calendars!