Officers Help Deliver Baby in Heavy New York City Traffic

We've all heard the stories, but did you believe them? 

While the NYPD may be giving us traffic tickets at a pace faster than a Kentucky Derby winner, we should try to remember all the great things they do to protect us and keep us safe.

"Two New York Police Department traffic officers helped deliver a baby after being flagged down by the baby's father.

Authorities say officers Tiffany Phillips and Carlos Guadalupe were directing traffic in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood when they were flagged down by a desperate motorist. The man told the officers that his wife was going into labor.

Phillips says they ran to the car to find the woman ready to give birth, and coached her through delivery as Guadalupe ran to a nearby hotel to get towels.

Phillips says it was a "great sound" when the baby first started to cry after delivery.

Phillips, who is a 12-year veteran of the NYPD, drove the couple's car to Bellevue Hospital, where the mother and her new child were doing fine."

-Courtesy of The Associated Press, 1/17/18