Governor Says New NY License Plates Aren’t a Money Grab – He Says It’s The Reverse

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said new license plates for New York drivers are required so E-ZPass can read them, and not a money grab. Starting in April 2020, anybody with a white and blue New York State license plate will be required to pay $25 for a plate with the new design, and an additional $20 if they want to keep the same plate number.

New Yorker’s already feel over taxed. When paying a ticket (any ticket in NY) there are mandatory surcharges imposed on top of the fine amount and it can get very costly for drivers. 

E-ZPass is definitely easier on the driver (convenience) and also on the state as the state does not have to hire toll collectors and pay all that entails, including salary and benefits. 

However, is it accurate that old plates cannot be read? 

The $25 fee to change is one thing, but the $20 fee to keep your number?

What do you think? Is it a money grab?