Traffic Cameras Could Soon Catch You Blocking NYC Intersections

More news about those pesky traffic cameras! 

If you live and/or drive in New York City you have probably heard about "blocking the box" tickets, the ones given out to drivers who get caught in intersections. 

Governor Cuomo's recently submitted state budget provides for testing new cameras to enforce "blocking the box" violations. Mayor DeBlasio has also pledged to increase enforcement with more police officers, additional markings and updated signage. 

At MarciLaw we routinely and successfully defend against the tickets given out by officers. As far as the new camera tickets...we anticipate they will operate like the speed cameras and will not assess points against a driver. Whether it's from a police officer or a new camera, call us if you get a ticket for "blocking the box" to discuss your options.  Always remember, if you get a traffic ticket it's not the end of the road!