If You Received a New York City Speed Camera Ticket You Are Going To Want To Read This!

A lawsuit has been filed alleging that millions of tickets that have been automatically issued by New York City speed cameras are invalid. 

It all stems from the claim that ALL notices sent out to drivers since 2014 do not include a "certificate charging liability" as is required by New York law. The certificate is a statement by a technician that the images have been reviewed and no problems were found. 

The lawsuit alleges that 2.8 million summonses were issued between 2014 and 2016, generating fines in excess of $122 million. The City's Law Department says the claims have no merit. 

The case is worth watching however. The firm that filed it is the same firm responsible for filing a parking ticket suit. Although that case is still pending the City has acknowledged a technical error and will be refunding approximately $26 million in parking tickets. 

One of the biggest complaints we hear at MarciLaw concerns red light camera tickets and speeding tickets. We will keep you informed as to the outcome of this case.