Youth Traffic Court. What Is It and How Can It Help?

There is a new Youth Court in Suffolk County that will hear cases of teens under the age of 18 who receive tickets for traffic law violations.  The purpose is further education rather than punishment for these new drivers. It is an exciting proposition that hopefully will be able to deliver, because after all don't we all want safer roads for ourselves and our children? 

Advocates say the new system will help new teen drivers become better drivers, instead of possibly losing their license or racking up a high number of points. Detractors say that teens should be treated the same as everyone else and this "second chance" at more education is not fair. 

Which side of the road do you stand on in this argument? 
If you are a teen who has received a ticket, or you are such a teen's parent, please reach out to us at to help guide you through this process. And remember, if you get a traffic ticket it's not the end of the road.